Sunday, 17 February 2013

Dungarees: Take 1

Dungarees, shirt & shoes All - ASOS
Sunglasses - Topshop
I'm Back! I feel like I haven't posted anything in ages and for a new blogger I guess that isn't good! However, I've been having a rubbish time recently but I'm back and ready to blog again :)
First off, I have to be honest to cheer myself up recently all I've done is shop which isn't good but there's nothing like having a delivery waiting for you. To make matters worse I recently signed up to the ASOS premium service which is unlimited next day delivery for a year for just £9.95, What a bargain! Unfortunately this led to me ordering a few bits WHOOPS.
Anyway onto my outfit, I love love love this dungarees it's easy to wear and I feel this will go with so many different things, hence this post being called Take 1, as I hope to post a few more style ideas with this dungarees. I definitely feel I will get a lot of wear out of this. There is a similar dungarees in river island which I had my eye on but I think the dungarees from ASOS is more casual which I like. I've wanted the Chelsea boots I'm wearing for a while but due to being a student couldn't bring myself to buy them, I eventually had to give in. I've had a few compliments on how nice they are so no regrets where they are concerned! Oh and I like the shirt too :)

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  1. I also saw this on ASOS and really loved it!
    You look great <3
    UK High Street Fashion & Style


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