Monday, 25 February 2013

Sweet Dreams

Happy Monday!
After travelling home from London on Sundays my evening normally involves eating a lovely home cooked meal and burning a candle. Heaven! However I have now added a new part to my Sunday evening routine. writing..
The other day I treated myself to this lovely journal from Waterstones (yes I see getting stationary as a treat) and decided I start writing things down. I'm the type of person who tends to keep things bottled up and I get stressed easily so why not write things down and let it all out? I've written three entrees so far and have already experienced the benefits, It gives me a better and clearer perspective on things. Although I have tried to keep diaries/journals in the past and it didn't last long I hope I keep this one up!
Now onto my favourite part! CANDLES. I must be honest I have only recently been obsessed with candles and cant believe I never used to be interested in these! The only time I can burn candles is at home because I'm not allowed to in my flat at uni. I brought this Lily Flame candle from John Lewis the other day the small tin costs £8.50 (Get Here). This candle smells lovely and is made to give you a good nights sleep and it definitely worked for me! Love it.
I know its Monday but I'm waiting for the weekend already!


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