Monday, 25 March 2013

Blue Bird

Well its been a while! But I do have an excuse, I am on placement at the moment so my life involves getting up at 5am going to work coming home, eating and going to bed! However in my ever so busy schedule I have swallowed my pride and joined the oh so wonderful twitter. In the past I have been proud of myself to resist the one thing everyone goes on about but I have caved in ...
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Monday, 4 March 2013

Soft Blanket

Soft Blanket
O-M-G, I'm in love with this candle, I have to admit it was the cute teddy bear that attracted me to this candle and I'm glad it did! I do have a confession to make, besides the baby powder candle I am not a huge fan on Yankee Candles (I know, I know ridiculous right?) But I just find them a bit too over powering. But this candle is just lovely, it has such a gentle scent and just makes me want to snuggle up in bed with a book.
I have now been converted, I hope I find another Yankee candle I like!

Sole Mate


Manicure Monday!
So, this is my last week of painted nails for a while as I am going on placement soon, so no nail varnish! I also had to get rid of my long nails I have been trying so hard to grow... BooHoo :( 
Anyway Moan over, this nail varnish called Sole Mate by Essie is lovely! Its kind of burgundy with a hint of purple (great description I know) I haven't really tried Essie before and was quite impressed it dried quite quickly which is good because I always seem to mess my nails up as soon as I've painted them!
I will be picking up a few more colours after placement.
Tata for now...

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