Monday, 8 April 2013

Simply Amazing

Okay... I was waiting for my bus this morning and browsing on my phone when I came across this website shoes of prey. As I am ever so curious I had to check this out, a website where you can design your own shoes! Simply Amazing. Instantly I began playing around with the different designs and materials, It's like a more classy version of Nike id I guess!
Slight problem unless you happen to suddenly come across £200 you may find it slightly expensive (I do!) But to design your shoes for £199 I think it could be a perfect item to put on your birthday wish list would definitely be worth it.
Here's a couple I designed quickly as an example
Snake skin and leopard print
Red suede and black sole
When I was younger I used to love designing my own outfits now I can design my own shoes!
Pretty Amazeballs if you ask me!
Check it out!


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