Sunday, 30 June 2013

New York: Take 2

Oh New York, why must you be so beautiful? Times Square is a place you definitely have to visit day and night. The lights were so beautiful I went more than once. New York the city that never sleeps is definitely accurate and I loved it! I loved seeing all my favourite shops in lights even McDonalds looked fancy. One dangerous aspect of my holiday was the fact they had a Sephora almost everywhere I turned, its like they wanted me to spend all my money. Of course I had to pop in there a couple of times and see what they had it was very hard to muster up some self control while browsing all the beauty products so I left with a few things of course. Not to mention Zara, oh dear that shop took all my money you would think they didn't have one in England .. woops.
This trip wasn't a sight seeing trip, I didn't go up the Empire state building and I didn't visit the statue of liberty (next time aye). This Trip for me was all about well, me? Everyone needs some selfish time to just shop for themselves and just do absolutely nothing. We were lucky with the weather on some days, when it rained it poured and when it was sunny it was boiling! I had an amazing time and definitely think New York is a place everyone should visit if they get the chance. I really didn't want to leave and had holiday depression for about a week once I came back to England and the crap weather. But after a good holiday and some thinking time New York has made me realise I need to work hard and follow my dreams and who knows maybe I could live there one day?
One way ticket to New York Please?

 photo cb86a333-52ed-4427-af4b-c39a5eacc022_zps909499d4.jpg
 photo c2bc3aa4-16d3-43bc-b7f0-43cba4fef127_zps74003f45.jpg
 photo 44bcf315-80d9-4482-a970-99a865c97f79_zps7617bcd0.jpg
 photo b9906d91-19d9-414e-990b-3663a05da98d_zps910fb3d5.jpg
 photo 67f121da-1e17-40d3-bcdf-ba37e12f6b31_zpscf161ad9.jpg
 photo dd52b498-b68b-4b11-8384-62bb66f4eae9_zps8536ca74.jpg
 photo ed3a0908-9046-48fa-926b-5d1ee4369aff_zps397518da.jpg
 photo e8cb4205-0e33-4ac7-ac17-87aa9d4b91e4_zps9e0cc219.jpg
 photo 4fed820a-931b-4933-a1b6-47532590e963_zps633b391f.jpg
 photo 012c8176-630e-4a01-a297-9e0409d36e67_zps0635ad2c.jpg
 photo ae4a89d4-2506-41e9-a96c-c4bbfad239b6_zpsf112942c.jpg
 photo ad5aa1f4-762d-4e3c-b90f-37f1b0120a26_zpsa88eedd4.jpg  photo 27427741-5a36-47c9-9cf1-dd39cb66fb44_zps78fe423c.jpg
P.s. I love the pic of the cop I took he was totes posing for the camera!

New York: Take 1

Everybody needs a break once in a while and I was lucky enough to go on holiday to the wonderful city of New York for two amazing weeks. It's been a stressful, eventful year so far so to be able to just jump on a plane away from everything was just what the doctor ordered (literally). Luckily my partner had family over there so without the extra expense of a hotel this trip pretty much consisted of some serious retail therapy.
It was a surreal holiday, I really did feel like I was in the movies (how sad), as soon as I arrived I had an obsession with the famous yellow cabs and was lucky to catch a ride in one of those bad boys (that's one thing ticked off my to do list). It was great to be able to see the busy streets and go to places such as 5th Ave and central park. But it was also great to walk around the streets of Brooklyn and see the locals playing basketball and just hanging out.
Everybody was lovely and seriously amazed that I came from London, the amount of times I got asked whether I had an accent was ridiculous! I spent most of my time in McDonalds.. why you ask? because their McDonald's its 10x nicer than over here and they give you milkshakes with a cherry on top. Everything just seemed better in New York!
Anyway here's New York: take one, do excuse the lack of pictures of me the humidity in New York was crazy and I spent the majority of time covering my frizzball (hair) with a cap nobody wants to see that mess!
 photo 9b663e2e-1a2a-4c8c-9a08-e9f36abf6875_zps9eb2910f.jpg
 photo 304aca42-9054-4e1e-a846-04e8c3c0f29a_zps21dd8f24.jpg
 photo 99b10717-4463-4ff8-a51d-b440399116fe_zps4e10ff61.jpg
 photo d674421a-b58c-4964-90cc-789e93cfae40_zps373b5ce8.jpg
 photo 1031428e-a02d-43bd-9527-72059620b3c3_zps03214717.jpg
 photo c1723f2b-ab09-4646-ae23-59af9cb9980f_zps25d97709.jpg
 photo 6b1dca2c-22ac-4811-a211-30125081fa6a_zps21ed5cbd.jpg
 photo 195591b8-eb79-40aa-bd30-16d482cb8875_zps0b052f95.jpg
 photo ef504387-6c29-48f0-aaf7-5441db1ac3bb_zps77aa14d3.jpg
 photo a8f677a3-a6e7-40eb-9f07-2717ae82e579_zpse75c6260.jpg
 photo d5a22a38-80dc-4c45-b84e-1250978bbb4e_zps6105a73b.jpg
 photo 0a4e4f95-6a82-4899-af47-eb8ef3b3d2ca_zps248c291a.jpg
 photo 2471c90f-905c-437d-ab2e-54e69e39b45e_zps54aacd72.jpg

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Clear Skin?

I feel like I haven't posted in ages, well I haven't but its been a rather busy time with Exams, coursework, uni, placement etc... But I'm back! This time with a product review and hopefully a new journey of clear fresh skin? Well anyway I've been suffering with pretty oily acne prone skin since secondary/high school and it can really get you down. However I feel like I am finally on the path to better skin.

Okay, so lets start off with a product review I have been using this exfoliating face wash from clean & clear for a few months now and either my skin has miraculously improved or this face wash is really working! I love the fact that although it is exfoliating it is gentle enough to use on my sensitive skin on a daily basis. Although my skin hasn't completely cleared I really feel like this is finally a product my skin agrees with definitely a thumbs up from me...
Now onto these products above and below, I've been wanting a cleansing brush for a very long time but I couldn't bring myself to part with around £60 just for an electronic brush... so I made a little deal with myself to save up enough boots points to eventually be able to get one. However then I came across this bad boy from No7 For around £25 and I thought its a must! the reviews were promising so I had to give it a go. My thoughts on it? Okay so it may not be as amazing as the more pricey ones but I'm impressed my face definitely felt good after a good cleanse with this brush.
And last but not least Vichy Deep cleansing purifying gel. I came across these products in Boots recently a noticed their imperfection range (all their green products) and had to take a look. I'm always a bit sceptical about trying a new product as there's nothing worse than getting excited about a new product and realising it makes your skin worse than before! However these products specify they are for use on acne prone skin so fingers crossed...
Oh and one more important thing... H20! water, water, water. Okay so right now I'm being a complete hypocrite because this is something I'm rubbish at. However, I have been trying my best with drinking as much water as possible and as the sun shines more hopefully this will encourage me!
Lets hope the days of bad skin are in the past...
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