Saturday, 1 June 2013

Clear Skin?

I feel like I haven't posted in ages, well I haven't but its been a rather busy time with Exams, coursework, uni, placement etc... But I'm back! This time with a product review and hopefully a new journey of clear fresh skin? Well anyway I've been suffering with pretty oily acne prone skin since secondary/high school and it can really get you down. However I feel like I am finally on the path to better skin.

Okay, so lets start off with a product review I have been using this exfoliating face wash from clean & clear for a few months now and either my skin has miraculously improved or this face wash is really working! I love the fact that although it is exfoliating it is gentle enough to use on my sensitive skin on a daily basis. Although my skin hasn't completely cleared I really feel like this is finally a product my skin agrees with definitely a thumbs up from me...
Now onto these products above and below, I've been wanting a cleansing brush for a very long time but I couldn't bring myself to part with around £60 just for an electronic brush... so I made a little deal with myself to save up enough boots points to eventually be able to get one. However then I came across this bad boy from No7 For around £25 and I thought its a must! the reviews were promising so I had to give it a go. My thoughts on it? Okay so it may not be as amazing as the more pricey ones but I'm impressed my face definitely felt good after a good cleanse with this brush.
And last but not least Vichy Deep cleansing purifying gel. I came across these products in Boots recently a noticed their imperfection range (all their green products) and had to take a look. I'm always a bit sceptical about trying a new product as there's nothing worse than getting excited about a new product and realising it makes your skin worse than before! However these products specify they are for use on acne prone skin so fingers crossed...
Oh and one more important thing... H20! water, water, water. Okay so right now I'm being a complete hypocrite because this is something I'm rubbish at. However, I have been trying my best with drinking as much water as possible and as the sun shines more hopefully this will encourage me!
Lets hope the days of bad skin are in the past...

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