Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Mini Haul - Sephora

Dear Sephora, Come to England please?! Oh how I love this shop when I was in New York I found it very hard not to go into every Sephora they had and just spend all my money, who needs food anyway aye? But I did however find some self control from deep inside and didn't go too crazy. I didn't really have a list of things I wanted to get it was just a case of browsing and seeing what tickled my fancy! but now I'm back there's definitely thing I wish I got so hopefully another trip to Sephora is on the cards.
So anyway here's the few things I picked up and my views on them, although I wish I had grabbed more I'm really happy with the items I did managed to grab thumbs up to Sephora.  

1. Urban Decay Eye shadow Primer Potion - Lets be honest everyone and I mean everyone needs to have this stored away in their make up bag. I would definitely say this is a must have item, so while in the queue I couldn't just walk past it and not pick one up could I? If you haven't used this product before it is the perfect primer for eye shadow and after using this you can guarantee some serious eye shadow staying power! You can now get this base in other colours but I personally prefer the original, I'm not really an eye shadow lover but I am trying to push myself to wear more of it so this was a perfect excuse for this purchase.

2. Origins Clear Improvement face mask - I've seen and heard so much about this face mask and have always wondered whether I should believe the 'hype'. Because of my sensitive skin I'm very cautious when it comes to trying new products as a breakout is the last thing I want or need. As you can see I gave in, I just had to see what all the fuss was about and now I must say I'm in love. I am a bit impatient when it comes to seeing results and what to see improvement instantly! On the initial first use I was unsure as its not exactly the most comfortable face mask but after a few uses I am really impressed with this face mask. Coincidence or not this mask in some way has contributed to my skin improving so I must admit this product is definitely worth the hype.

3. Sephora Collection Colour Lip Last - This was a random buy, I hadn't planned on getting lipstick but was curious as to see what Sephora had to offer. So I thought I'd try out a dark pink as I didn't own one. I am normally used to MAC lipsticks but I was not disappointed Sephora! I think I wore this lipstick on a busy shopping day and it lasted and also applied nicely and was actually very moisturising on my lips. Overall very pleased and love the colour I'm a bit cautious when it comes to pink lipsticks which is why I had never owned one but I really do like this colour and its made me want to experiment more!
4. Sephora Collection Colourful Eye shadow - Well, can I just stay I think I picked up about five different eye shadows and was about to go to the checkout but had to stop myself. I mean really Paige? You wear eye shadow like once a month behave! So I eventually narrowed it down to one, Hold me tight and I love it! It's kind of like a purplely pink (sorry I'm not good at describing) and its so pigmented. I'm really happy with this purchase and to be honest should have just brought all five!

5. Beauty Blender - The infamous beauty blender, I am in love with this little pink sponge. Now I must clear things up immediately I do not use this sponge wet, yeah yeah I know your suppose to but I just don't! Because of my skin I tend to pretty much use concealer everywhere especially on my cheeks where I have old scars and this bad boy is great for blending in my concealer and creating a great base for my foundation. I was so impressed I actually went back and brought a new one you know just in case. Obviously I haven't used this sponge wet so cant comment on that but I really do think this is an amazing blending tool so I also use it to blend my highlight in after I've applied my foundation and it works so well. I know the reviews have been a bit bad for this product but my advice? Don't use it wet!
I look forward to my next Sephora visit! I'm sure my bank balance doesn't...
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