Saturday, 20 July 2013

Review: Mac oil control lotion

The damage of duty free... before my flight to New York I decided to check out Mac as I had ran out of primer and had no time to get another one. So I decided to ask the lovely MUA on which primer she would recommend and she introduced me to this beauty the mac oil control lotion, a moisturiser designed to educe the amount of touch up throughout the day. Now let me just say this is not a primer at all but a moisturiser and when she suggested it I was slightly weary as to whether this is really what I wanted. However she then explained hat she also suffers from oily skin and showed me her lovely shine free face.. I was sold!
As advised by the MUA I now do not use as primer and only use this moisturiser before applying my makeup. Some moisturisers can feel too heavy and greasy lotion is light and I apply it mainly to the t-zone of my face. Walking the long New York streets a the hot humid heat was something I experienced daily on my holiday but I have to say this was my life saver! slightly dramatic? I think not, I was quite sceptical but I have been completely impressed with this product. Obviously during my shopping trips I had very few opportunities to touch up but when I did I was surprised that my make up wasn't slipping off my face. Although I was slightly shiny overall I am really impressed with this product and haven't stopped using it since however... I'm still searching for that miracle primer.  
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