Saturday, 20 July 2013

Space.NK: Mini Haul

This was my first trip to space NK and I must admit I was slightly excited, I managed to drag my mum along to join me on this exciting trip even though she wasn't excited at al.... I was really only on a mission to find one item which was an eye shadow from Nars I didn't expect to come out with two extra products but I must say I'm glad I did! SO here's a little look at what I picked up from Space nk.
 photo 435c2671-3b10-4f4d-b107-d237f4c81e88_zps4f141467.jpg  photo 12ae108b-1c54-412e-a106-a54b40ccb114_zps1f0933d7.jpg
Pure radiant tinted moisturiser
With all this hot weather the last thing I want to do is plaster my face with foundation, for it to just melt off... but unfortunately I'm also not the person who is brave enough to do the whole bare faced thing as I'm still not happy with my skin. SO I decided to try out a tinted moisturiser. I have to say I am really happy with this, it actually gives great coverage and feels so light on my face It makes a great change from heavy foundation. When I use this I still use concealer and powder just to set it, I also get the great protection of SPF 30 while wearing this moisturiser. The only down side I will say is I think the shade I got is slightly darker than my skin tone I got it in the shade polynesie which I think is in fact the darkest shade. I know I'm bound to get darker so this shade is probably perfect for summer months but if I was to continue using this in the winter I'd get maybe just one or two shades lighter.
 photo 2e72e956-1e91-4807-88bb-07e55d1088e2_zpscd8fea2b.jpg

Pore refining primer
Now onto another product that I didn't plan to get but to be honest I haven't been using a primer for at least a month now so this purchase was needed. I have to say I have given up on primers that claim to control all because they all lie! okay maybe they just don't really work for me but I do feel weird putting on any makeup without putting on primer first. One thing that attracted me to this primer Is the fact that its oil and alcohol free, I have sensitive skin as I've mentioned before and the last thing I want or need is a breakout. I must admit it pretty much does what it says on the bottle, I can definitely see the difference with my pores when I apply this, they are less visible which creates a great base for applying makeup. This primer also has pure lentil seed extract in it which is suppose to reduce the look of pore over time I look forward to seeing if this happens.
 photo 5c3379ac-8b58-4ec6-a6dd-13204c891529_zps1040104f.jpg

Cream Eye Shadow in Savage

And last but not least cream eye shadow in the colour savage. This is actually why I took a trip to space nk in the first place as I had been to oxford circus and looked in two huge department stores as well as liberty on Carnaby street and none of them had this colour in stock! Anyway I finally found it, yay *does a little dance* I'm glad I found this colour it is lovely and subtle enough to wear during the day but it is also buildable. I'm not that keen on cream eye shadows as I feel they aren't pigmented enough but I'm glad I got this colour I'm not sure if its clear in the picture but its a lovely gold shade.
 photo d6306a05-d318-43c7-a07d-7f7e2d398a27_zps02980173.jpg

Unfortunately Space nk convinced me and my mum into getting a points card which surely means ill have to go back and spend more money (that I shouldn't be spending) so I can get my first £5 off! I mean I wouldn't want to miss a good deal would I?
 photo 14ee36a7-4f1c-47f3-88cb-be627d13818d_zpsa3d85bf0.jpg


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