Thursday, 22 August 2013

Bedroom Inspiration

I'm not sure whether this post is more for you guys or for me,  I've decided to start planning my bedroom and needed a lil' inspiration. It's come to that time in my life where I need change and my bedroom is definitely a place where I want to start. After moving back from uni (flat mate issues ergh) I'm glad to be back home with genuine people around me as there is nothing worse than living in negative energy but my bedroom seriously needs updating.
So after speaking to my lovely stepdad we've agreed that we will look into getting my bedroom sorted after my 21st birthday (I'm getting so old) however he said to start jotting ideas down. When I pop into shops like John Lewis the amount of stuff that catches my eye I just want to buy it all even though my room isn't even decorated. One thing I have noticed is that I'm into the whole white pure look with a splash of colour and I've decided my chosen colour is pink. I love all the flowery patterns that are around at the moment I Just cant wait to get started!
Here's what I've got together so far, you can kind of see where I'm going with this and btw I love the Polyvore website a great way to get all your ideas out of your head.
Bedroom Inspiration


 photo 14ee36a7-4f1c-47f3-88cb-be627d13818d_zpsa3d85bf0.jpg

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