Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Mini Get Away - South of france

I've been lucky enough to grab another little get away to France (well I just invited myself on my parent holiday). My holiday to New York just seemed so far away and I felt like I needed another break relaxing break. Me being the person I am I stress myself out easily and often find myself needing to take a break and just breathe.
SO I was lucky enough to be able to tag along with my parents, we have been going to France every year since I was about 5 and I almost feel like its my second home I love it there. My parents found a lovely Gite with a swimming pool and I just have to share how lovely it is I could have moved in forever.
 photo 8fce56ea-9951-4bfa-a68f-ea4703ad9e57_zps4e9ace09.jpg
 photo 2e94a326-77cf-4c74-8314-4ec715270e0f_zps95ec8ae3.jpg
My Room
 photo 52846347-988f-426b-88d8-4c461ff2b07b_zps76b8c3f2.jpg
 photo 1f3a9a96-c513-45e6-a8bc-c3fcc2377373_zpsc6cca15a.jpg
My parents room
 photo 772c8124-71d0-4452-ba2a-327f0df73155_zps301ff99f.jpg  photo c7f2a832-9ec5-4d16-8a4a-0582d7c2fc20_zpsa897ff69.jpg  photo 023cf51f-55c2-4fb3-b5ae-ff7ea9eaef46_zpse2f3679a.jpg
 photo ad5bd732-44a3-4625-b978-4c038f95e350_zps5a01c762.jpg  photo 85554104-0de5-4a24-b2b0-99704db2bda4_zpsfa5fafe2.jpg
 photo 96f67c16-711f-4754-b763-38d83e5c6ee6_zps0af22da0.jpg
Do excuse the rubbish photos I took them quickly on the morning we left and they don't do the gite any justice! It was such a cute and cosy place to stay and enjoyed just being able to spend the day in the pool not having a care in the world. (cant life always be like that?). They also had bikes you could borrow as well as table tennis and a TV what more could I as for!? The owners were just lovely and even invited us around for a BBQ on our last night it was a great end to our holiday and we were all sad to leave.
Now its back to normal life, placements and my final year of Uni, take me back to France please? normal life is far too stressful!

 photo 14ee36a7-4f1c-47f3-88cb-be627d13818d_zpsa3d85bf0.jpg


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