Tuesday, 14 January 2014

My New Bestfriend

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Look at this beauty! This everyone is my new juicer, I have to admit after watching Benji and Judy from its Judy's life on Youtube they made juicing look so tasty I wanted to give it a try. And I'm glad I did, but rather than just buying one straight away I looked into the benefits of juicing to see whether it was really worth it. As soon as I saw recipe's aimed at getting good skin I was determined to get one. As you may or may not know my mission to get perfect skin is still on going and I think juicing is and being healthy is definitely going to give me a helping hand.
Juicers are not the cheapest thing but are definitely beneficial, so if you have a bit of spare cash lying around and are willing to spend some of your money on apples rather than a new pair of shoes then go for it! I'm glad I've entered the world of juicing and I do get a strange feeling of pleasure when I see the juice being made... sad isn't it? I will be sharing with you guys some easy and of course tasty recipe's soon.
My first impressions of this Philips juicer? I'm impressed it does what it says on the tin pretty much, there's no need to do any chopping before hand and a machine that can juice a whole apple is impressive to me. The only downside? The washing up afterwards. I do recommend washing up straight away to avoid clogging up your juicer, doing it straight away makes it easier to get rid of the muck.
I'm definitely glad I've joined the juicing world, have you ever tried juicing?

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