Thursday, 13 February 2014

Define & Shine

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La-Brasiliana, never heard of it? neither had I until I smelt this lovely product my hairdresser was putting in my hair and I had to ask what it was. La-Brasiliana is a brand that specialises in keratin hair treatments and although this product is part of the range it doesn't have keratin in it which is why my hair dresser was able to use this in my hair.

Define and shine is a product designed to be used on damp or dry hair to prevent the effects of humidity making your hair easy to blow dry while giving it a healthy shine without making your hair look greasy. Not to mention the amazing smell, this product is amazing and truly does do what it says, if you ever get caught out in the rain (which has happened to me on many occasions) you don't need to worry about your hair turning into a complete frizzy mess as this product protects your hair and prevents it from instantly turning into a frizz ball.

For me this product is just what I need and is perfect for all hair types. A little goes a long way and you can find it in Sallys or on Feel Unique for £13.45 so this bottle will hopefully last me a long time. I have definitely noticed a difference after using this product and no longer worry if I get caught in the rain.
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Monday, 10 February 2014

Review: Liz Earle Skin Repair, Light Moisturiser

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Liz Earle the queen of skincare  in my eyes and well known for her hot cloth cleanser. I felt it was about time I tried her products out for myself after reading such great reviews I decided to go for her moisturiser. After finishing my Mac oil control lotion I wanted to try something a bit different but reasonably priced and by doing my usual research I decided to give Liz Earle a go.  I've been using this moisturiser for a few weeks now so I feel I can give you guys an honest opinion.
Lets get the sciency stuff out of the way first and have a look at the ingredients. For me a moisturiser with as much natural ingredients as possible was important as my skin is very temperamental and sensitive and I didn't want to risk or provoke a break out.
This moisturiser is packed with ingredients such as Beta-carotene and Wheatgerm Oil for antioxidant properties. Glycerin, and Borage Oil for moisture and hydrating the skin. Avocado oil is used as an essensial fatty acid to make skin smooth and soft and D-panthenol (vitamin B5) to help stimulate the skins renewal process.
As you can see a lot of the ingredients in this moisturiser are pretty good for your skin and for an oily skinned girl like me ingredients like these are important in keeping your skin hydrated along with antioxidants to protect your skin.
The first time I used this moisturiser I was absolutely disgusted by the smell and thought to myself I just wasted £19.25 on the smelliest moisturiser ever. However once you get past the smell and eventually get used to it you will realise just how good it is.
I was surprised by the weight of the moisturiser as its claimed to be a light moisturiser it was heavier than expected. Saying that it didn't feel heavy on the skin and didn't make me skin feel extremely oily which is what I fear with moisturisers. My skin feels extremely soft after using this and my makeup sits well on my hydrated skin. For those of you like me who are wary of using moisturisers due to them making your skin even oilier this is one I can firmly recommend as this wont happen.
So my over all verdict if you have combination/oily skin and are looking for a good moisturiser this one is possibly for you, for £19.25 and the natural ingredients I definitely feel its worth every penny. I cant wait to try out her hot cloth cleanser.

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Do you have a moisturiser that you swear by?
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