Sunday, 2 March 2014

Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm

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Merumaya a brand Created by Meleka Battu, who is no stranger to the world of skincare working for well known brands such as Clinique and origins this is a lady who knows her stuff! Merumaya has been around for just over a year and was created for ladies seeking anti ageing and spot fighting skin care. Which is something you don't come across often and to top it off these products are purse friendly. Need I say more?
When I saw the melting cleansing balm in the range I couldn't help but be interested, with ingredients such as ingredients ReviElix for its firming anti ageing properties, Sucragel containing almond oil for soft skin and Mangosteen fruit extract for its anti oxidant production this really is an all in one product.
My Verdict?
With a face full of make up I was ready to give this product a try. This is the first cleansing balm I've tried so to put a cleanser straight on my face without removing a trace of makeup first felt slightly strange. I've always wanted to try the Emma Hardy cleansing balm but to be honest on my student budget I just cant bring myself to spend that sort of money so I was quite excited to try out my first cleansing balm.

I am so glad I did, when I first applied it to my face it felt like silk it was so soft, after massaging it into my skin for a few minutes I then applied some water and the cleansing balm turned into a milky texture. I then rinsed it off doubled cleansed and I was left with such silky smooth skin. I've been using this for a week now and I'm still impressed with the results it leaves your skin so soft and although it has a slight herbal scent it is so gentle on your skin. Now for my oily skin ladies like me a plus side of this cleanser is the fact it doesn't leave your skin feel greasy which is always a plus.

If your looking for a cleansing balm without the expensive price tag and still getting the results you need I really recommend this. For £14.50 if you don't add this to your beauty stash your definitely missing out. Get it here

Have you tried this cleanser?

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