Sunday, 8 February 2015

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Uniq One

Orofluido £13.87 Uniq One £7.67

When it comes to hair products I tend to stick to the same products as I can be quite fussy when it comes to my hair. However on a few occasions my hairdresser uses something new and I just have to ask him what he's used. Normally it's when I've gone home and my hair feels extra soft or looks shiny and healthy, these two gems do just that. 

Now if there's one thing my hair is known for is being dry on occasions and very frizzy on many other occasions. Hence why I go to the hairdressers so often because my hair can be out of control and blow drying it is a nightmare. So here's the answer to all my frizzy hair problems, Orofluido hair elixir. Packed with three oils Cyperus, Argan and Linseed which all have a role to play in giving you soft tamed hair.
  • Cyperus Oil packed with fatty acids and vitamin E leaves your hair smooth
  • Argan oil to soothe dry itchy scalps 
  • Linseed to soothe and control your hair
Altogether these oils leave my hair feeling soft and looking shiny without the heavy greasy feeling I often fear I will get with a hair oil. Believe me when I say this oil is so so so light and feels oh so luxurious when applied. Fun fact this product won the 2013 hair awards best hair oil and it smells of amber and vanilla. Lush.

Leave in conditioner is one if the most important steps for me when it comes to doing my hair, Soft manageable hair is a must. This is where this coconutty smelling goodness comes in. This leave in conditioner (which can be used in wet or dry hair) is perfect for taming frizz, repairing damaged hair and heat protection to name a few. If your not into the smell of coconut this one definitely isn't for you but the smell is what first caught my attention as I kept leaving the hairdressers with amazing smelling hair! 

As they're both reasonably priced I wouldn't hesitate to repurchase either of these, they both do what they claim to do and I'm definitely impressed with the results and would recommend these to anyone with unruly hair like mine! 


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